Fan-made Sonic Utopia might be the best 3D Sonic game ever

Sonic fans do what Segon’t?

For all the efforts Sonic Team has made, it’s never quite nailed the 3D Sonic formula. Fans have fond memories of Sonic Adventure, but anything even resembling the Dreamcast classics hasn’t been made since 2003 (Sonic Heroes). Maybe Generations, but that was only half of a 3D Sonic game.

While I’ve never cared for any Sonic game past the Genesis, even I can’t deny how awesome Sonic Utopia looks. According to lots of user comments (from YouTube, Sonic Stadium and Reddit), this is the best 3D Sonic game, official or not. Whether or not you believe that, you have to admit the music is pure awesome (and tear inducing).

A demo is available for download through the Sonic Fan Game HQ website. It doesn’t have much of a point, other than being a proof of concept. Hopefully Sega takes these guys up on their work and puts them on an official project. I think we’re long overdo for Sonic to have a good 3D adventure.

Sonic Utopia [Sonic Fan Game HQ]

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