This LEGO Walking Mausoleum from Elden Ring looks legit

Elden Ring LEGO Walking Mausoleum

30 pounds of plastic went into this fan creation

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One of the coolest visuals in Elden Ring, the Walking Mausoleum, caught my eye long before we got to play the game or knew it by name — the stomping giant was in the first gameplay trailer, and I distinctly remember it setting off sparks in my imagination. In a trailer full of cool shit, it stood out to me; it got me wondering about the gameplay possibilities that could come out of an open-ended world designed by FromSoftware.

Months after exhausting the game (for now), I still think about these big boys.

A fan on Reddit, HoboSapient, shares my enthusiasm — and then some. They created a big, detailed, surprisingly heavy LEGO version of Elden Ring‘s Walking Mausoleum. (Thanks, PC Gamer.)

Wondering Mausoleum that I built with LEGO
byu/HoboSapient inEldenring

The build weighs 30 pounds and uses an estimated five to six thousand pieces.

How’d they source all of those bricks? “Whole lotta Pick-a-Brick at the LEGOstore, plus 20+ years of collecting,” according to the builder. “Lots of Technic,” too.

Four months ago, HoboSapient shared a concept for the top half of the Walking Mausoleum. The version we’re seeing today was scaled down “somewhat.”

I’ll echo what some of you are surely thinking: this looks good enough to be an official LEGO product, and it would be a tempting one, at that. And pricey as hell. For now (and likely forever), it’s a one-of-a-kind creation. HoboSapient should be proud.

They even sealed the deal with a cat (Gwynny) for scale.

HoboSapient’s masterful LEGO Elden Ring creation.

You know those old Toys”R”Us holiday catalogs that were perfect for gifts from grandparents? I’m picturing this in the LEGO section, and I would’ve circled it so hard.

For more shots, including a look at the underside bell, check the Reddit thread.

Whether it’s a slow gaming news day or a non-stop one, I love these passion projects.

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