The fan-made Bloodborne PSX project is out now

Bloodborne PSX

What a wonderful night to go on a hunt

The old blood has been ported back to the old-school look. After many updates and teasers, the Bloodborne PSX fan project is now available, free of charge.

You can find the finished project here on Itch. As noted on the page, all content is property of its respective owners, and neither Sony nor From Software are affiliated with this fan project.

The Bloodborne PSX demake is a 13-month development project from developer Lilith Walther, who also released an extended launch trailer to celebrate its launch on Jan. 31, 2022.

Alongside the fan game, which extends up through the first two major bosses of Bloodborne, there is also a soundtrack and special cover art available too. The latter does make me hope for someone to port this project to a disc and make a nice physical version of PSX-style Bloodborne.

There are also some cheats in the game, so you can mess around with fun settings after clearing Bloodborne the usual way. A big head, pet dog, and paintball mode are all in there. And I’m really curious about the “alter time with right stick” function.

After so many teasers, it’s awesome to see this project publicly available. The PSX style has been growing in popularity, and Bloodborne makes a natural candidate for it. As Chris wrote a few months ago, Bloodborne already feels pretty timeless. So why not pop it into a time capsule and experience it all again on the classic PlayStation?

If you missed it above, here’s the link again to the Bloodborne PSX Itch page. You can also find the developer and her other work through Twitter here.

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