Fallout London is a DLC-sized mod that takes the series across the pond

Fallout London mod

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With the disappointing release of Fallout 76 almost five years behind us, fans of the series are itching for any and all updates on the future of the beloved IP. Bethesda, on the other hand, seems to have its hands full with Starfield and the next Elder Scrolls title, so the odds of getting any new official Fallout are looking pretty slim. Thankfully, the fans are willing to take things into their own hands, because the Fallout modding community just dropped a huge bomb, as it were: Fallout London, a DLC-sized story mod of Fallout 4 that explores life after the nuclear apocalypse in England.

Fallout London‘s development team released a gameplay trailer that clocks in at just over eighteen minutes long, which first shows scenes of various landmarks around the city now in ruins. We are then shown the first fifteen minutes or so of gameplay, which starts just as one would expect from a Fallout game — with a good ‘ol fashioned character creator, including stats, and a bombastic escape from an underground bunker. You can tell just how much love and care went into making this project, because the game itself might as well be the real thing.

In the description below the trailer, the dev team shared their vision for Fallout London:

“As a divergence from previous official titles in the series, Fallout London is not set in America. Visiting a totally new setting allows for us to explore totally new cultures which have not homogenized with their American counterparts. It also allows us to explore pre-war European history, and the effects the Resource Wars had on the class structured society of pre-war Britain.”

I think this is such an awesome idea. A lot of our media focuses on what life would be like in America after some kind of apocalyptic event rather than… well, anywhere else around the world. I was also impressed to see that they got Sylvester McCoy and Colin Baker — who played the Sixth and Seventh Doctors on the classic British sci-fi show Doctor Who respectively — to do some voice work for Fallout London. It doesn’t get more authentically British than that.

Fallout London is currently in ongoing development, but you can check the project’s official website, Twitter, Subreddit, Discord, YouTube, or Facebook for updates.

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