Fallout 76’s next free expansion actually looks like it’ll bring life to its lifeless world

Wastelanders still on track for a 2020 release

Oh look it’s another Fallout 76 story! Time to shut the window. Oh you’re still here? Well maybe that’s because you’re sort of curious how the game-saving Wastelanders expansion is shaping up. And I gotta tell you: I don’t hate it!

As we noted earlier this week, Wastelanders is a free update that’s currently in (NDA-ed) testing form, set to roll out later this year. Originally it was supposed to arrive in 2019, but it got pushed to an unknown date, and when it does come it’ll arrive bearing gifts: actual story elements like NPCs. In other words, there’s a chance it’ll morph Fallout 76 from a survival game husk into something that vaguely resembles a real Fallout. That’s the idea, anyway.

So we’ve already seen plenty of helpful NPCs, now Bethesda is showing us factions. In this latest preview we’re getting a good look at the settlers and raiders, who you can interact with just like past entries. The former are described as industrious types who live in a settlement called “Foundation,” and naturally the raiders are a little more insidious. A reputation system is re-confirmed, and you’ll be able to deal with, and presumably take quests from, both factions.

If you want into the Private Test Server (PTS) to try it out for yourself, Bethesda says they plan to “send an additional round of invites within the next couple of weeks.”

Inside the Vault [Bethesda.net]

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