Fallout 76’s next big update hits the public test server next week

Update 21

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Bethesda literally just dropped Update 20 into Fallout 76 this week, but they’re getting ready for the next big patch as early as next week. As announced on their official blog, Update 21 is coming soon, with a layover on the Public Test Server (PTS) as early as next week.

Bethesda says this one isn’t coming until August, and will (surprise) contain a ton of bug fixes, among quality of life changes. The publisher also teases a return to the Monongah Mine. As a reminder, the PTS is now literally public, as anyone who accesses Fallout 76 directly on the Bethesda launcher can give it a go.

Update 20 should keep people busy for a while with its public teams and seasonal gimmick, so long as they get their house in order.

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