Fallout 76’s next big patch will include food spoilage changes, a better new player experience, and of course, bug fixes

Patch 11

As a reminder, Bethesda gave us an update on how Fallout 76 will evolve throughout the year, and the short of it: eventually it’ll be the game it was supposed to launch as. Battle royale is in if you want a distraction (I’m good), and an update later this year will add NPCs (yes). Slowly but surely this project is being salvaged.

Part of that improvement effort is coming in Patch 11, which will arrive in “mid-July.” The big alterations are 50% longer food spoiling periods (and food/drink won’t lose condition after fast traveling). That’s pretty huge and cuts down on the annoyance factor that stems from when Bethesda wanted this to be a “survival” game on its default setting, when folks just wanted another Fallout.

Other adjustments include a smoother new player experience, like less cap costs for traveling, higher disease resistance, and better early-game rewards. Again, this is all welcome, because 76 was annoying as hell including hardcore mode concepts in its default gametype. Item descriptions are also being improved to show more detail, power armor is getting buffed to make it more usable, and “scrap all junk” is coming after patch 11.

As I say often: late, but better than never. For those of you who smartly held off on picking up Fallout 76, the Game of the [Something] Edition sounds like a better prospect with each passing month.

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