Fallout 76’s Halloween event kicks off October 25 with a “smaller” update

Fallout 76 Halloween

“This update will be smaller than some of our larger updates that bring new content into the game”

A Fallout 76 Halloween event is happening very soon, and it’ll be ushered in by a “smaller” update to boot.

Here’s the full rundown from Bethesda:

“Tuesday, October 25th we are planning on releasing a new update to Fallout 76. This update will be smaller than some of our larger updates that bring new content into the game. With this update, we’re bringing new items into the Atomic Shop to release over the coming weeks, addressing a number of bugs, and kicking off a brand-new Challenge event for the 25th Anniversary. We are currently looking to begin maintenance for Fallout 76 at 10:00 a.m. ET on October 25. We will be sure to share update with you in the Bethesda Studios Discord and the Fallout Twitter so that you know precisely when you can log back in. Starting October 25, you can hunt down costumed Scorched throughout Appalachia to loot Mystery Candy, Spooky Treat Bags, and of course, legendary items. Track down Scorched at their usual haunts, keep an ear out for their spine-tingling sounds, and you’re bound to find at least a few who are dressed up for Halloween.”

It’s been a busy month for Fallout 76 amid the 25th anniversary celebration, and the game just hosted the Invaders from Beyond seasonal event, which ended on October 18. Currently the team is going from event to event: and even if some of them are on repeat at this point, there is some movement beyond the mega-patches.

We’ll have to wait until the day-of most likely to see what this “smaller” patch actually entails, but suffice to say like most of the micro-updates, they’ll involve tons of bug fixes: some of which address issues that have been lingering for a while, or crept up in the patch before it.

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