The huge Fallout 76 Test Your Metal update is out in June

Fallout 76 Test Your Metal

For now, a minor patch arrives on April 12

The Fallout 76 Test Your Metal update finally has a release window of June, but before then, you can expect at least one more smaller patch.

Confirmed by BethesdaFallout 76 is getting an April 12 patch, which will “be a bit smaller than some of [their] larger updates that bring new content to the game.” In classic 76 fashion, this one is looking to “fix bugs and add some new items to the Atomic Shop.” For a while it felt like that’s basically all patches did, until they added NPCs and a ton of free story content. If you do play Fallout 76, note that the game will go offline at roughly 10PM ET on that date to accommodate the patch.

Perhaps more importantly, progress on trying out Test Your Metal in the PTS is going smoothly, and as Bethesda notes, “there’s plenty of time to dive in” as it won’t be ready until June. Given that there’s already been “a lot of feedback” so far it seems like lengthy PTS sessions are still the way to go, as the team has had more time to sort out bugs and adjust numbers where they need to be.

Remember that the entire PTS process will be changing soon. As a reminder, the full Fallout 76 transition FAQ can be found here, which answers questions regarding the PTS, transfer, and memberships.

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