Fallout 76’s Bombs Drop Day event comes with all sorts of extra perks

Try Fallout 1st for free

As we told you a few days ago, Fallout 76‘s Bombs Drop Day event takes place this week. It’s a reason to dole out double XP and double S.C.O.R.E. (for getting through the battle pass), and there’s a 25 percent discount at legendary vendors. That’s what was messaged ahead of time.

However, things look markedly better now. The Bombs Drop Day event runs longer than previously thought, going from October 20 to October 26; that’s two days more than what Bethesda said last week. It’s also free to play for the week on all platforms. There are substantial sales for anyone who decides to buy it after the free week. As always, progress carries over to the full game.

Here’s where it gets really bougie, though. Players get a taste of the high life with a weeklong Fallout 1st free trial. In case you need a reminder, Fallout 1st is the $100 per year membership that grants you access to a private server and unlimited crafting component storage through the Scrapbox. After the preview ends on October 26, players can keep whatever materials they had placed in their Scrapbox. It’s a good time to load up.

If all that wining and dining has you ready to open up the wallet, players are also treated to the first ever Fallout 76 sale on microtransactions. The atom bundle discounts range from $1 off the smallest pack to $14 off the biggest pack. 

This post on Bethesda’s site has the breakdown off all the extra perks that weren’t mentioned last week, including all the various sales tiers. Even though Microsoft has acquired Bethesda, PlayStation 4 isn’t getting frozen out of event perks. Not yet at least.

Fallout is Celebrating Bombs Drop Day with a Free Play Week, Sales, & In-Game Events! [Bethesda]

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