Fallout 4’s Survival mode sounds like a beautiful nightmare

It’s playable in beta form on Steam

Bethesda has released a beta version of Fallout 4‘s new Survival mode on PC. If you’re ready and willing, you can now download the update through Steam (instructions here).

With the mode enabled, you’re only able to save after sleeping on a bed for an hour or more (“Manual, quicksaving, and almost all autosaves are disabled”), fast travel is gone, you dish out and take more damage, and you have to stay on top of pesky concerns like hunger, thirst, and fatigue.

Those are just the basics. Bethesda has also tweaked a bunch of other mechanics — including illness, healing, how much you can carry, companions, and the rate at which enemies and loot repopulate — that will come together to make life in the Commonwealth even harsher.

I’m not typically a self-imposed hardcore, permadeath, survival-mode kind of guy for open-world games, but these changes sound like they’d make for a far more tense, exciting Fallout 4 experience. Once this update makes it through beta and lands on consoles, I’ll have to start a fresh run.

Fallout 4’s All New Survival Mode [Bethesda]

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