Fallout 4 looks so much better with seasons

Good job, modders!

Thanks to the modding community, Fallout 4 has a long life ahead of it.

We’ve had fun covering assorted user-made gags, but it’s stuff like this multi-person Seasons project that I most love to see. It introduces much-needed color and variation to the Commonwealth without going over the top. Spring, summer, fall, and winter are all represented.

The side-by-side comparison is seriously impressive:

The Nexus Mods page for Seasons has full details and install instructions. One important note, though: automatic season switching has not been implemented yet, so you will have to manually swap between them. The goal is to work that in “after the Creation Kit is available.”

I’m currently in that familiar post-Bethesda-campaign state of mind. Part of me wants to start a fresh Fallout 4 run with a bunch of mods enabled — more informative dialogue choices, yay! — but I am utterly sick of its world. I saw too much of it too quickly, and whatever sense of excitement and possibility I once had are long, long gone. Also, trying to cap off the experience by getting a large, finicky settlement up to 100 percent happiness? Bad move.

Perhaps by the end of the year, I’ll be far enough removed from my initial weeks-long mad dash of a playthrough to want to return for an extended visit. I can only hope! The mods already look great.

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