Fallout 4 just got a new update, still no sign of PS4 mods

Also 300 new Codsworth names

Fallout 4 is almost done with its content drops, and for a lot of let-down fans, that’s basically the end of the conversation. But for now, Bethesda is keen to deliver the Vault-Tec and Nuka World add-ons, as well as some stability patches. The newest update (now live across all three platforms) is 1.4, which adds 300 additional Codsworth names, fixes select crashes as well as the “Boston After Dark” mission, and touches up the mod UI.

Uh about that last bit — mods are still not live on the PS4 platform. It seems like Bethesda is working with Sony on the issue, but we haven’t had many updates since we were initially told what the holdup was.

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