Fall Guys launches into space with Season 2 this week

Fall Guys Season 2 Space

The Satellite Scramble takes off on September 15

A new Fall Guys season is taking off this week, and it’s headed for the stars. Fall Guys launches Season 2 this week, dubbed Satellite Scramble, goes live on September 15.

As you can guess, this new season is all galactic. Space-themed variations of other Rounds found in Solos, Duos, and Squads will roll out, as will some new Costumes and Challenges.

A mission to repair the Fall Guys satellite can net a few rewards: a Space Bean nickname, some Kudos, a Satellite Explorer nameplate, Space Icons pattern, and a Satellite backpack at the highest tier.

But the big attraction, of course, is the new Rounds. Several new levels will join the Fall Guys rotation.

A whole new world

The Tiptoe Finale seems hilarious, as four squads try to tiptoe their way to victory. It’s like the usual Tiptoe round where some platforms are stable and others fall, except four teams are racing to the center for the crown.

Fall Guys Season 2 Tiptoe finale

Starchart sees beans leaping and trying to run across invisible paths to reach the end. Sure, you could hit the buttons to light the way, but what fun is that?

Pixel Painters has players hop on tiles to spell out patterns, while the Cosmic Highway has rows of rotating and moving platforms. Hyperdrive Heroes brings back the moving platform hijinks, moving in a circular route as obstacles whiz by.

Hex-a-terrestrial has players navigate floating platforms, while Space Race sends the Gauntlet into the stars. Frantic Factory is a free-for-all variant of Button Bashers. And yes, even more new obstacles will make them all chaotic and ripe for falling.

The Season will have both a premium and free track. And the premium track in particular has some wild-sounding costumes, including Spock, the Xenomorph, and Hatsune Miku.

It sounds like a whole lot of space wackiness is coming to the now-free to play Fall Guys. Mediatonic says more improvements, bug fixes, and features are on the way. We’ll see how big space gets for Fall Guys on September 15.

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