Fall Guys is dishing out double crowns today for its anniversary

You can also stop by for a Happy Birthday costume and pattern, and the Anniversary Party show

Today’s a good day to dip back into Fall Guys — the beans are now one year old, and Mediatonic is giving out double crowns as a celebration.

To participate, you can play Fall Guys as you normally would, and any crowns you earn will be doubled for the rest of the day. That 2x bonus even goes for the Fame Path (battle pass) rewards. For instance, I ranked up to level nine on the Fame Path today, and instead of getting a single crown, I was awarded two. Why thank you. I’m struggling out here.

Gameplay-wise, there’s another alternate show type running right now: the Anniversary Party, which is just the original Season 1 batch of levels like Door Dash and Perfect Match. Even though Fall Guys has eclipsed many of the original stages with dynamic new levels in Seasons 3, 4, and 5, a few of them, like Slime Climb, are fun to revisit — particularly with super-deadly modifiers activated. This stage is still a total bloodbath when it wants to be.

The Anniversary Party show in Fall Guys

In the shop, there are two not-exactly-free-but-close-enough cosmetics for the birthday bash. You’ll need 10 Kudos for the Happy Birthday costume and 10 more for the pattern.

The Happy Birthday costume crown

The Happy Birthday pattern with cupcakes, party hats, and balloons

Double crowns is a nice little incentive, and if it’s been a while since you’ve checked in with Fall Guys, I’d encourage you to do so. The last few seasons have spiced it up nicely.

While this isn’t a game I can stick with non-stop, the last several times I have returned to it for some here-and-there fun, I’ve had a blast. It was great playing a few rounds today with Sonic the Hedgehog, Godzilla, and Ratchet in the ranks. There’s a lot of life left.

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