Fall Guys’ Clank challenges aren’t too tough to knock out, but you’ll need a Trios win

Clank hopping through a rift

There are 10 challenges to clear out by August 15

Did you miss the Ratchet event in Fall Guys? I let it slide right by me. But that’s okay. Above all, I’m here for my boy Clank. You can unlock the robot companion — err, a surprisingly thicc approximation of him — in Fall Guys from August 6–15, 2021.

The Fall Guys Clank event is live, and while it’s going to require dipping into Trios (which I know some of you are wary of), in general, the challenges aren’t too taxing. The toughest one is securing a Trios win, meaning you or someone on your squad has to take the crown.

The challenge goals needed to unlock the Clank costume in Fall Guys

If you’re curious about that final 2,000-point reward, it’s the Clank’s Laugh emote.

Here’s the list of goals to check off:

  • Jump 20 times
  • Dive 40 times
  • Grab 10 Players during a Round
  • Earn at least a Bronze Medal in Any Round 2 times
  • Earn at least a Silver Medal in Any Round 5 times
  • Earn at least a Gold Medal in Any Round 5 times
  • Qualify from Team Rounds 1 time
  • Reach Round 2 in Squad Trios Show
  • Reach Round 4 in Squad Trios Show
  • Win Squads Trios

Naturally, you’ll accumulate many of these just by playing to win. The rest, well, let’s hope you have good matchmaking luck or you’ve got a friend or two to queue up with in Trios.

I’m still plugging away at that first win, but the quest for booty must continue.

(That reference isn’t lost on you, right? I’d feel much more confident if all of the Ratchet & Clank games were available on systems newer than the PlayStation 3, as opposed to just two of them being playable on either a PS4 or PS5. Give the people what they want, Sony.)

Technically, I could just stop now and I’d still have Clank’s caboose without needing to keep grinding this out further. That’s a silver lining I might be willing to accept.

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