Super Monkey Ball’s AiAi is in Fall Guys right now

Fall Guys AiAi costume

Monkey see, monkey do

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Is it possible that I’ll play as AiAi in Fall Guys more than I play as him in Super Monkey Ball proper? Probably not! Almost certainly not. But it isn’t impossible. As a limited-time crossover, you can get a just-released AiAi costume in Fall Guys from September 27–30.

I know plenty of you have bowed out of Fall Guys. AiAi is so cute in this footage, though!

As usual, this is a two-piecer, so you’ll need 10 crowns to complete AiAi’s carefree look.

I went ahead and bought it — for the purposes of this article, and also because I really like Super Monkey Ball and am stoked to see it in the spotlight again. We’re a week off from Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania (a remaster of the classic games for all platforms), which I absolutely must make time for. That’s all the justification needed for a Fall Guys team-up.

My crown stockpile is dwindling, so if they come out with a Baby costume next, I’m gonna be sad. Yes, I’m the weirdo who mains Baby. Come at me — and you best not miss. There’s something extra gleeful about winning Monkey Target as this tiny young creature.

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