Face: Xbox 360 outsold PS3 in Japan in September

We said something similar at the beginning of the month about the Wii, but it turned out that the numbers were so close that some said it didn’t happen. Either way, the Xbox 360 and Wii were neck-to-neck in Japan for that one week. Impressive. Unfortunately, the PS3 did not stand a chance last month.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 moved 53,547 in September in Japan, which enabled them to hold an open hand up to their face and say… well, “face” to Sony’s sales of 33,071 PS3s in the same time frame. Credit goes to the recent price drops and the new Japanese RPGs, like the craptastic Infinite Undiscovery.

Not surprisingly, the Wii sold more than both of them combined (109,548). Keep at it, Microsoft. Get more pervy games and RPGs in your line up and you’ll be golden.

[Via Edge]

Dale North