Fable III co-op lets you get your friends pregnant!

You’ve fragged, decapitated and teabagged all your buddies in countless online games over the years, but something’s always been missing. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but there’s one thing you always felt you’ve never done to your best friend. You’ve never gotten him pregnant. Thank f*ck for Fable III!

The news comes via Official Xbox Magazine, with a revelation that reads: “The team seems committed to ensuring the [co-op] experience is in no way compromised. You’ll be able to enjoy, ahem, intimate moments with your co-op friend and eventually produce offspring together.”

That’s right, folks. Lionhead’s upcoming Xbox 360 RPG will allow you to take your co-op fun one step further than it perhaps should ever go, as players get to consummate their online liaisons and actually have a baby together. Never before have you been able to inseminate your friend’s digital womb via Xbox Live, but Molyneux and friends are about to make your sordid dreams come true. 

For many of us, this will represent the closest we’ll ever get to becoming pregnant ourselves. I literally cannot wait to gestate a child inside of me, and I do believe that thanks to Fable III, I am finally going to feel like a whole person. The way I should have been born. God bless you, Lionhead Studios. God bless you all.

Fable III: You can ‘get intimate’ with co-op partner [OXM]

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