Fable II Episode 1 available now as a free download

The first episode of Lionhead’s Fable II is now available for download on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, and is free to all Xbox LIVE (Gold or Silver) users.

Confused? This is the Fable II that was released at retail, only now it’s being digitally distributed across five episodes. While the first is entirely free (and weighs in at 2 gigs), you’ll be prompted to purchase further episodes in order to complete it as you reach in-game milestones. All of the transactions will take place inside the game, and Lionhead says it should be a seamless experience.
I’ve tasked Brad Nicholson with downloading this first episode and finding out exactly how all of this nonsense works. Stay tuned for details later.
It’s an interesting model, and if successful, one we may see adopted by other publishers and developers. What do you guys think of this piece-by-piece download model? 
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