Exit 2 hits XBLA this Wednesday, we mean it this time

We’re not really sure why, but for some odd reason or another Exit 2 didn’t come out on Xbox LIVE Arcade like it was originally supposed to. In any case, the game is now getting twice as much coverage as it normally would have gotten.

Exit 2 (800 Microsoft Points) will come packed with 240 different levels, although if it’s anything like the first game, you won’t be seeing a good portion of the later stages. Seriously, if you don’t like frustratingly difficult puzzles, do not attempt to play Exit.

I asked if anyone was going to buy Exit 2 last week, and we got a few replies, but mostly the conversation turned into a rant about the inprecise controls. If any of you are looking for a new XBLA game, I’d suggest testing Death Tank — it’s probably the most fun I’ve had online excluding Bomberman Live.

Jordan Devore
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