Everything that happened at today’s summer Nindies Showcase event

Mostly dates, one surprise launch

Nintendo might not have dropped a ton of big reveals on us but we did get a whole lot of info on a whole lot of indie games today during their summer Nindies Showcase.

Hyper Light Drifter arrives on September 6 (with pre-orders up today), Towerfall is slated for September 27 with two Celeste characters, Treasure Stack is coming this winter, Zarvot in October, Mineko’s Night Market in early 2019 (hitting consoles “first” on Switch), Bullet Age in November 2018 (as a console exclusive), Samurai Gunn 2 in early 2019, The World Next Door in early 2019, Level Head (a creation-centric platformer that supports four players in creation mode) in November, King of the Hat in early 2019, and Untitled Goose Game in…you guessed it…early 2019.

A sizzle reel also reminded us of the following release dates: Desert Child in December, Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut on September 13, Bastion on September 13, The Messenger on August 30, Undertale on September 18, Jackbox Party Pack 5 in October, Transistor in November, Dragon: Marked for Death on December 13, Light Fingers on September 20, and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP in October.

Oh and there’s a new Nintendo Switch channel on just for indies now, plus Into the Breach got a surprise release today.

Chris Carter
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