Everything that happened at the July Xbox Games Showcase and please don’t mess up the new Fable, Microsoft

Good enough!

A lot of people thought Microsoft didn’t bring it to their last showcase, but did they bring it today? I think they did.

We got our first actual look at Halo Infinite, which really should be called Halo Nostalgia: and that’s a compliment. We also got some new reveals like STALKER 2 (who wouldn’t want that bombshell?), as well as silly things like witnessing Jack Black sing into a microphone for his “Mote of Light” character for Psychonauts 2 (which is looking more enticing the more we see it). Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis also quickly shot up to my “top 10 most anticipated games” list.

Also, Fable is back! If that wasn’t the “confused clap” announcement of the show (the year?) I don’t know what is. That series has been a hot mess arguably after the first game, so we can only hope that things are going back to basics here. We’ve heard rumors of a Fable reboot for years, and the quick use of the phrase “Fable” in the new trailer seems to indicate that direction.

So yeah, video games! More are coming, most of them later this year all at once with giant expensive consoles we still don’t know the price of. This summer of reveals has been exhausting. Hopefully when these reveals actually come out, we get a “reveal break” for a bit.

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