Everything that happened at Microsoft’s packed E3 2017 press conference

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Well, it didn’t have its own Final Fantasy VII Remake moment, but I for one enjoyed Microsoft’s game-filled E3 conference this year.

Microsoft did what it needed to do after touting the Kinect and the “all-in-one entertainment system” angle for so long — show us games (42 of them). We got some real exclusives, some timed/console exclusives (love that marketing speak), and some 4K/HDR exclusives, but a number of them looked pretty great, and the ID@Xbox program is thriving well enough.

The Xbox One X? The jury is out. As a 4K TV owner I’m excited to play a number of these projects in native 4K, but that’s more like window dressing — not a definitive selling point. Because really, these things need to be good too. Some reports estimate that by 2020 half of all US homes will own a 4K TV, but right now the numbers are notably lower.

Again, a lot of this is inside baseball, techy stuff, and not a “winning” slam dunk. Just like Microsoft likes it, right? Leave it to Sony or Nintendo to have some sort of blowout announcement — they almost always do.

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