Everything that happened at Bethesda’s acceptable E3 2017 press conference

Did you like it?

That was quick!

Bethesda’s Pete Hines came out on stage, said “here’s some stuff we have,” they showed that stuff with a giant clip reel, and he stepped off in roughly 35 minutes. It was like a giant Nintendo Direct that people had to go to an auditorium to see, but at least there weren’t any cringe worthy skits. Oh man, it might be an underwhelming first few days of E3, but there’s no Mr. Caffeine-esque escapades to look at.

We got to see a whole lot of familiar IPs — all old IPs in fact — which doesn’t really get my heart racing like some past E3s have. There’s another Doom thing, as well as Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Evil Within (which is a franchise now), Quake, Dishonored, and Wolfenstein things. They all look cool, but Bethesda has been known to play it relatively safe, and that’s what it felt like tonight.

I don’t know maybe I’m holding these conferences to too high of a standard here, but I’m still waiting for that “holy shit, I have to call my friend right now” type of moment. It hasn’t come. We still have Ubisoft, Sony, and Nintendo for that. Join us for the next few days as we follow those three together.

Chris Carter
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