Everything old is new again. Neo Retro game makers, Pixeljam, on tonight’s RFGO!

Just a friendly reminder that the latest episode of RFGO! will be recording in a few hours. On tonight’s show, we’ll be having on a special guest whose works fall right into our little sandbox of interests: Retro.

Rich Grillotti, the co-owner and art designer for Pixeljam Games, will be joining us to discuss some the games that his company has designed, along with his points of view on all things retro.

So, since you have the time, why don’t you check out Pixeljam’s games and drop us a few comments to help the show along. (Ratmaze 2 and Gamma Bros are definitely worth your time, and will most likely keep you busy for hours.)

(And, yes, we’ll be announcing last week’s contest winner tonight.)