Every Guitar Hero World Tour rumor is true: Sting and Tool tracks confirmed

At this point, I think it’s pretty safe to say that just about every single bit of leaked information about Guitar Hero World Tour is 100% true. With the release of the game just around the corner (rumored for late-October, probably also true), info is being confirmed almost daily.

USATODAY.com ran a now-missing story yesterday confirming that The Police frontman Sting did a motion-capture session for the game. Sting joins Ozzy Osbourne, Travis Barker, Billy Corgan, and Paramore’s Haley Williams as the confirmed list of celebrity talent for World Tour; the article made no mention of what Sting or The Police songs would appear in the game. The Police song “Demolition Man” will appear in the game. (Thanks SWE3tMadness!)

The article did confirm songs for World Tour however stating that “metal band Tool plans to have three songs (“Parabola,” “Schism,” and “Vicarious”) playable in a specially created venue.” This jives with the leaked screenshots that popped up online not long ago. 

Any other World Tour rumors someone would like to throw out into the universe before the game comes out? They’ll all be true! Here’s one: Morris Day and the Time have nineteen songs in the game and First Avenue & 7th Street Entry confirmed as a venue. 

[Update: We’ve added a picture of Sting in-game. That is Sting, right?]

Nick Chester