Every E3 conference, ranked by our community

Sony and Bethesda win by a mile

The final results are in! After every E3 conference we provided a full recap, and at the end, a poll that allowed you to voice your opinion with a “love, like, okay, and hate” rating. I’ve tabulated the “loves” and “likes” into an approval rating of sorts, and this is what you thought.

Coming in at the top of the list is Sony with 80% and Bethesda at 77.5% — the rest wasn’t even close! Next up is Microsoft at 62%, which is a surprise given how much people usually hate their conferences, then it kind of goes downhill from there. Square Enix takes fourth with a 39% rating, then the PC Gaming Show at 33.3%, then Nintendo (did not expect that!) at 29%, Ubisoft at 25.4%, and EA at a shameful 9%. EA was also the most disliked conference with a 55% “hate” rating.

I didn’t outright hate any conference this year, as all of them had at least one or two new cool announcements. The main thing I didn’t like is Square Enix’s awkward ramblings and timing, and PC Gaming Show’s massive and blatant advertising masked as interviews and weird bits.

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