Every death in Hotline Miami video bashes your face in with ELO

Hey you with the pretty face welcome to the human race

What constitutes art will be a topic that will be debated until the end of time. Some people say art must make you feel, while others say that it must carry a message that represents the artist. Personally I think true art makes you feel on a deep almost subconscious level. Something that grabs out at you and holds on without making you know why. Games are definitely an art form, take for instance Hotline Miami which stands in defiance of its violent gameplay by never giving you a reason for all the killing except that maybe you just aren’t a good person. “You enjoy all the killing” as Liquid Snake would say.

Art also inspires art and here we have a piece of art from Youtube user Livic who has condensed all of the enemy kills in Hotline Miami into a two and a half minute video and threw some Electric Light Orchestra over it.

Terrence Malick can eat his heart out.

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