EVE Online: Empyrean Age launches

Crowd Control Productions has announced that the eighth expansion for its space-exploration MMO, EVE Online, has officially gone live. Bringing New Eden’s four empires to open conflict, EVE Online: Empyrean Age adds a host of new PvP features and is available for free to all EVE subscribers.

  • Factional Militias and Ranks – The militias serve to organize each government’s war effort. All militia members will share a chat channel to allow them to quickly coordinate strategy. The ranking system rewards talented pilots by granting titles and recognition within their chosen militia.
  • Factional Warfare Agents – More than 260 new militia agents coordinate the activities of militia pilots and assign missions inside enemy territory.
  • System Occupancy – Occupancy is gained by winning conflicts in contested complexes and indicates that the militia is succeeding in capturing and holding valuable territory for their empire.
  • Combat Zones – Starship pilots will find a variety of combat zones in low security space. Each of the systems within a combat zone contains a System Control Bunker which coordinates all activity within that system’s Factional Warfare Complexes. Once a militia defeats a certain number of complexes, they are authorized to attack the bunker. A victory against the Control Bunker shifts control of the system to the victorious militia.
  • Factional Warfare Complexes – Militia pilots that successfully scan for a hidden deadspace complex and hold it uncontested for a set amount of time will claim it for their faction, and be rewarded with corporate standing as well as more tangible benefits.

It’s also worth noting how CCP is planning to provide the backstory on this interstellar conflict. It will be told through a novel written by Tony Gonzales entitled EVE: The Empyrean Age that will be releasing on June 19. I do find it a little funny that players won’t know why they’re blowing each others’ ships up until they’ve been at it for a week, though.

Are any EVE: Online players looking forward to the increased focus on PvP?

Justin Villasenor