Euro game industry rivals North American biz, according to analyst

Fresh off the heels of Leipzig, Lazard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian has stated that Europe’s importance in the global games market is increasing. The analyst stated that Europe’s industry is now equal in size to North America’s. That means it isn’t small, by the way.

Sebastian expects “significant growth” from game publishers in Europe, and name checked THQ and Activision Blizzard as two companies he expects to be soaked in garlic and fish n’ chips as time goes on. 

Among Sebastian’s other Leipzig observations was a noticeable rivalry between Activision and EA, as Guitar Hero and World of Warcraft were pitted quite competitively against Rock Band and Warhammer Online. He also believes that 2011 or 2012 is the year that a new console will emerge, and pulled a Captain Obvious by saying that digital distribution will proliferate.

To summarize all of the above: An analyst said some things. About videogames.

James Stephanie Sterling