Eternal Poison bonus art book to receive exclusive art

The self-proclaimed masters of DO WANT have an update on Eternal Poison’s preorder goodies. Colette recently told us of the good stuff that Atlus plans to throw at us this holiday with their games, which includes soundtrack CDs and art books for Eternal Poison, Persona 4 or Luminous Arc II. 

Everything we’ve seen so far on Eternal Poison’s goodies has been a “placeholder.” Atlus says that custom work by artist tomatika will replace these placeholders, and that from now until the game’s release, they will be releasing peeks into the work-in-progress. These peeks include notes from the artist himself.

“First of all, I put the principal colors on the layout. For this piece, I wanted the atmosphere to be based around oriental mysticism. To achieve this, I chose a diamond shape for the character arrangement and the patterned background. I usually do my initial drawing lightly and then add detail during the painting phase.”
– tomatika 

You’ll have to get in there and preorder before November 11th to get the soundtrack CD and this artbook. 

Dale North