ESRB confirms Phantasy Star II for Wii VC

Lately we’ve been a bit jealous of Japan, as they seem to be getting the best Phantasy Star stuff. My jealous rage increased to a fiery crescendo when I saw that the Japanese Wii Virtual Console gets Phantasy Star II today. But I’m better now after reading the good news at VC Reviews

They say that the ESRB confirms that we will also see a Virtual Console release of the once $100+ Sega Genesis RPG Phantasy Star II. Sure, fans already have countless other copies of the same game in various game collections, but I think this is a good fit for the VC, which has been lacking some RPG lovin’. Besides, it gives us hope for future RPGs and Sega property releases. 

The Japanese VC release page says that PSII will cost 700 Wii points. That’s not a bad price drop from the original release price, even if it has been over a decade.

Hey, Sega. How about more Shining Force releases? Really, what’s taking so long?

Dale North