ESPN brings sports content to Xbox Live Marketplace, you are totally excited

Thanks to a new deal with ESPN, Microsoft is once again expanding its downloadable video library; this time with an array of commercial-free NCAA games, X-games competitions, and other sports-stuff shows. That’s cool, right? Guys? Anybody?

Additionally, ESPN says it’s looking for ways to “incorporate the Xbox Live online gaming community into its telecasts.” Not sure where they’re going with that, but apparently it was part of the agreement. This is sure to take off like a rocket with the Madden set and the basketball fans out there, but what about the rest of you? Gettin’ a little too “jocky” in that dashboard menu of yours, or do we have some sports fans out there? Don’t care either way? Tell me about it, I need something to read before bed. 

[Editor’s note: Sorry for the lame picture. At first, I thought I’d do something funny with Dick Vitale because, you know, NCAA, right? Then I did an image search for his name and … yeah, don’t ever do that.]

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