Epic cancels Bulletstorm unlocks in Gears of War 3

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A while ago, we talked about a cool Gears of War 3 feature that would include themed unlocks for players who had enjoyed previous Epic Games releases. Unfortunately, we will not be getting that cool Bulletstorm or Shadow Complex gun, as apparently the plans have changed.

According to lead gameplay programmer Joe Graf, there are restrictions that block Xbox 360 games from reading data outside of your own “publisher/developer family.” This means that Gears of War, a Microsoft Games Studios title, can’t access titles like Bulletstorm, which Electronic Arts is publishing. 

It’s a real shame, as I think connectivity between related titles is always a cool feature. You’ll still get unlocks from previous Gears titles, and from the beta, but you’ll have to make do without the rest of it, sadly. 

[Via Joe Graf’s Twitter]

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