Enter the Gungeon’s ‘Supply Drop Update’ is live on PC, PS4 version coming soon

Guns aplenty

Enter the Gungeon developer Dodge Roll Games has unleashed a wealth of new content into the game today. The ‘Supply Drop Update’ adds over 200 unique rooms, new enemies, guns, and bosses, to a game that’s already jam-packed with content. Oh, and if an infusion of new stuff isn’t enough to get you excited to shoot bullets at bullets all over again, the Supply Drop Update is available for free – free is always good.

It’s difficult to describe the perfect chaos that is Enter the Gungeon. It’s fast, frenetic, and funky. The Supply Drop Update and all that it contains look to build upon the game’s already solid foundation and make something special.

If you’re a Gungeoneer who plays on PC, you can access the Supply Drop Update right now. Seriously, look. PS4 players will have to wait a few extra days, as the console version update will launch next week.

Enter the Gungeon blew me away when it was released last year. I played it almost exclusively for a few months, dodging, shooting, and looting my way through countless rooms with reckless abandon. All told, I’ve spent a hundred combined hours in the Gungeon – divided equally across the Steam and PlayStation 4 versions. 

Though I haven’t spent much time with Enter the Gungeon lately, I know it’s only a matter of time before I jump back in to see all the new stuff added in the Supply Drop Update; especially since Dodge Roll Games is teasing a full-on Gungeon expansion sometime later this year.

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