Enjoy some free multiplayer this weekend on Xbox One and PS4

What am I, made of money?

Microsoft is holding a free multiplayer weekend for Xbox Live starting tomorrow. Along with the reduced barrier to entry comes the chance to play Rocket League and NBA 2K17 for free, too. Since Live is a paid service on both the 360 and One, the free weekend will also extend to Microsoft’s former console (albeit without the games).

Seemingly in a move to topple Microsoft’s free weekend, Sony announced that the PlayStation Network will be having a free week for multiplayer on PS4. Yes, an entire week of free online play for any game on the system, versus Microsoft’s three-day pass.

Starting tomorrow, February 17, at 12 AM PST, you’ll be granted access to the illustrious servers that Sony holds captive behind a paywall. While I suppose paying for more stable service makes sense, I can’t say I’ve missed multiplayer on my 360 or even really utilized it on my PS4. Maybe I’m just growing into an old, cynical man-child who pines for the “good ol’ days.

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