Endless Ocean delayed until 2008; No dolphins for Chad

There’s nothing I hate more than disappointing Chad Concelmo. I’m not sure you can understand the anguish of it all until you’ve experienced the pure joyous energy of Chad in the flesh. Anything you can do or say to take that away is like some sort of quiet, horrible suicide. It is this terrible image that weighs heavy on my heart as I come bearing these wretched tidings: No Endless Ocean for the Wii until Q1 2008.

Apparently if you live in Europe, you can play the underwater adventure come November 9th, but the US has to wait. It’s already released in Japan under the title Forever Blue, but everyone’s faces were so firmly glued to Crisis Core that no one really noticed. There seems to be a trend going on with peaceful games as of late — Is this a good thing, or do you prefer your peaceful moments to be after you pass out from too many Jager bombs?

[Via GameLife – thanks to a Donut]

Colette Bennett