End of Eternity won’t end for ten years, according to Sega

tri-Ace’s brand new RPG and first-time collaboration with Sega, End of Eternity, was recently revealed to the world via Famitsu. While most sensible people are wary of anything to come from one of Japan’s most inconsistent and sketchy RPG developers, Sega is damn excited for this new title, believing it to have real staying power.

At a press event in Tokyo today, Sega proudly proclaimed End of Eternity to be a “truly epic title,” and is looking toward supporting the game for the next ten years. It would seem that Sega wishes to join Square Enix in having its own huge RPG franchise, and for is looking at End of Eternity to do it. I guess they’ve given up on Phantasy Star.

The game is slated for Winter 2009, although I’m sure we in the West will have to wait a bit longer. Anything from this studio makes me tentative, but who knows? Just keep tri-Ace away from Sonic Team, Sega. I dread to think what kind of nightmarish vision those two studios could cook up together.

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