End of an era: Sakurai is finally running out of Smash Ultimate screenshots

Smash Ultimate screenshots

A landmark event for the uncertainty of the series

As we move further and further into the era of not knowing what’s happening to Smash, Smash Ultimate screenshots have run their course.

The news comes directly from Smash Bros. boss Masahiro Sakurai, who confirmed it on Twitter with the following message:

“Posting daily Smash Ultimate screens has been part of my workday ritual for a while now…but it’s looking like I’ll run out sometime in August. I even took around 200 new ones as we were wrapping up development, so it’s hard to believe they’re already gone. Time sure does fly!”

Sakurai has been sharing Smash Ultimate screenshots for several years

For reference, Sakurai has been taking and sharing screenshots of Smash Ultimate for some time, typically showcasing oddball scenarios or pushing the engine to its limits/breaking it with development tools. Amazingly, Sakurai confirmed that he’d have to stop doing it eventually on December 26, 2021, but has kept going since then. The reason for the shift is because he is no longer using development kits/tools.

It’s been a fun run! So if everything comes to a close in August, he has less than 30 more to go, following the one shared today of Game & Watch and Wii Fit Trainer.

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