Enclave HD makes its PS5 debut on December 5

Come for the combat, stay for the haptic trigger effects.

Enclave HD

After Enclave HD made its way to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch back in June, a December 5 date has been locked in for PlayStation 5.

Somehow, it’s been over two decades since the original Enclave launched on Xbox in 2002. The medieval action-RPG was developed by Starbreeze Studios, and the HD version from TopWare Interactive and Ziggurat Interactive adds in updated visuals, an enhanced soundtrack, and some quality-of-life improvements. The results might not exactly be the most PS5 looking game in the world, but it does include exclusive haptic trigger effects for the DualSense controller. 

You can see some quick action-packed footage in the PS5 release date trailer:

Enclave lets you fight as either a goodie or a baddie — very real technical terms — with six class options available for each faction. The story puts you in the land of Celenheim, which experienced a rift between the forces of Light and Darkness a thousand years ago. The rift protected Celenheim’s people from the vile Dreg’Atar, but now that it’s beginning to close that peace could soon come to an end. Thus, it’s time for everyone’s favorite “unlikely” hero to rise up! Or you could just be a nasty lil’ champion of evil. It’s up to you.

It’s been about, oh, 20 years since I played Enclave myself, but I remember it being a pretty engrossing and challenging game at the time. I haven’t played the HD version yet, so I can’t personally say how well it holds up in 2023. Either way, with this launch we’ll have Enclave HD on all major consoles. 

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