Elite Dangerous is free on the Epic Store this week and MudRunner is coming next

You can also redeem The World Next Door

This week’s Epic Games Store giveaway mixes the familiar with the new.

Until next Thursday, November 26, you can nab Elite Dangerous and The World Next Door. If you’ve always thought about trying your hand at exploring the vastness of space but you never found the right time – or should I say enough time – for Elite Dangerous, it’s a good opp, especially if you’re set up for VR flights. Frontier Developments is still supporting the game with ongoing expansion content, too.

I had never heard of The World Next Door, and I figure that goes for most of you. It’s part visual novel, part action-puzzle-battler. Interesting combo! The plot centers on Jun, a teen trying to return home from a magical world “before time runs out,” and there are dialog and relationship choices to fuss over.

I’m more excited about next week’s pick-up, MudRunner, for its out-there factor. I’d never buy an all-terrain vehicle simulator, but I would absolutely check one out for free. I’ve heard good things.

While filling in the tags for this post, “Elite Beat Agents” popped up and I got real sad.

Jordan Devore
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