Elebits becomes Eledees in Europe [Update 2]

For some inexplicable reason, Konami Europe has decided to change the name of their electrified-mite zapping Wii title, Elebits, for European territories.

The game will now become Eledees, and although the game itself will most likely remain unchanged, it opens up the gates for numerous celebrity promo tie ins: Colt 45 spokesperson and Star Wars actor, Billy Dee Williams; Howling and Alligator II: The Mutation star Dee Wallace Stone; syndicated radio legend Rick Dees.

I could go on, but Konami Europe doesn’t pay me enough. In fact, they don’t pay me at all. Because if they did, I definitely would have told them that changing the name of their game from Elebits to Eledees was a silly, pointless idea.

[Update: A few people have pointed out to me that the name change was most likely made to avoid any dirty puns that might arise out of the use of the word “bits.” While that was my initial reaction as well, it seemed almost too obvious to mention, considering the console in question is called the Wii. In fact, I think all Wii titles should be subject to filthy puns.]

[Update 2: Destructoid community member 5lectro has pointed out that Elebits is extremely similar to the french “et les bites,” which roughly translates to “and then cocks.” Here at Destructoid, that roughly translates to “Also, cocks.” That, in turn, translates to totally awesome in any language.]

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