Elden Ring’s music gets a jazzy new twist at an upcoming concert from Bandai Namco

Elden Ring‘s music like you’ve never heard it before

Elden Ring was far and away one of the biggest games of 2022, and is one of the frontrunners for Game of the Year. Every aspect of the game is incredibly well-thought out, from the art to the gameplay to the enemies. Bandai Namco, however, seems especially proud of the music from Elden Ring, because they’re hosting a special jazz concert to showcase some of the most popular songs and “recognizable melodies from the game’s soundtrack.

The event is called Elden Ring: A Night In The Lands Between, and will be for one night only on December 3 at The Bourbon Room in Los Angeles. The iconic melodies will be performed by musicians led by award-winning saxophonist Kenny Garrett, as well as jazz upcomer and trumpeter Takuya Kuroda. Tickets are on sale now for the in-person event, ranging anywhere from $75, known as the “Tarnished” tier, to the $200 “Elden Lord tier that also gets you a poster, a t-shirt, dinner, and VIP seating. If you’re unable to make it, you can also get access to a livestream of the event for $25, or to a VOD available after the concert for $15 — the catch is that the stream is only available to fans in the United States.

It seems that video game concerts are becoming more and more popular these days, and as a fan of live music, I hope they keep it up. Playing games can be something of an isolating hobby, so the idea of getting out and appreciating music we know and love played by insanely talented musicians is absolutely an idea I can get behind. Given that Elden Ring‘s soundtrack is so orchestral, I’ll be interested to see what it would sound like with a jazz spin as well. Here’s hoping that game studios keep up the live music thing in the future, because making live music a more accessible activity is a win for everyone.

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