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Elden Ring superstar Let Me Solo Her beats mod where every enemy is Malenia

And it’s all documented

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The “oops all Malenia” mod in Elden Ring has been popular for a while now, as an offshoot of the “Elden Ring Item and Enemy Randomizer.” Yeah, you heard me correctly! To be clear, this particular challenge run involves swapping every enemy into Malenia: one of the toughest bosses in the game. Hilariously, the mod even titles bosses appropriately, like “Malenia, the First Elden Lord” or “Eden Malenia” for the final encounter. Who else to better handle this bizarre task than Let Me Solo Her: the legendary hero of the community that was even recognized by the developers.

Let Me Solo Her has been documenting their journey through an all Malenia run for about a month, and just finished this week. They even went in with self-imposed parameters:

  • Don’t level vigor (the stat that grants players HP)
  • Get the Jar Helm (and wear no other armor)
  • Beat the game

It sounds “simple,” right? Well, it took them roughly 10 hours! While they were a bit hard on themselves with recounting their clear time, I’m sure a lot of folks spent 10 hours in a single area, so they probably shouldn’t sweat it too much. I mean, the lack of HP and defensive gear essentially amounts to a “no hit” run with an infamous boss subbed in for hundreds of potential enemies. Fair trade!

Where to watch Let Me Solo Her run through Elden Ring with the Malendia mod

You can check out their journey on their official YouTube channel, and the finale is embedded below

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