Eight hours of Halo 3 equals eight hours of pure bliss

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I literally just got back from a marathon eight-hour session of Halo 3 multiplayer beta play and boy are my arms tired … *rimshot*. No, but seriously folks, it was pretty much a wonderful night. I’m sure you’ll see a ton of video and impressions soon, if not now, but coming from me, this game lived up to expectations. For those worried it may not improve or at least maintain that same strong online and gameplay Halo has been known for, worry not my little underlings.

The game felt incredibly comfortable and smooth as silk. I admit I was a bit worried with the addition of deployables and other little tweaks, but the game works great. Pretty much everything you expect, you will get in Halo 3. Some very noticeable changes include: battle rifle nerf; needler is pimp; and the protection shields make the matches even more intense than ever.

Most of the night, CTZ, Husky Hog, Gamer Andy and I stayed on one team and ripped through the competition like butter with a knife and any other cliche I can’t think of right now. My brain is fried, literally. Thankfully, I’ll get a good night’s sleep, then head home to play even more of the Halo 3 beta — we were all given codes and passes to be used immediately.

It’s gonna be a long summer Halo fans, a long summer. 

Other videos of the action:


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