Eidos confirms Doctor Who game is in the works, Daleks better come with that

There’s a crystal clear line between the casual and the hardcore dork. Watching Doctor Who proudly catapults you past that line and far into the serious realm, where people say “Huh?” when you try to explain what you’re into. Good news is, you aren’t alone, as Doctor Who holds a soft spot in the heart of many a fan. Thanks to the internet, you can now find those other fans through forums and websites rather than sitting at home alone wearing your Tom Baker reproduction scarf and wishing you had someone to show it to.

Thanks to Eidos, fans may be able to take their appreciation to the next level with the Doctor Who game, which has been confirmed for DS, PS2 and PC. A rep commented that the game is “not too far away” and that more details will be along soon. If I can either kill or control a Dalek, I’ll be pleased as punch. I also would love the option of playing all ten doctors, but I’m sure that’s probably pushing my fantasies a bit too far.

[Via Videogaming 247 – thanks, Justin]

Colette Bennett