Eidos announces Pony Friends for DS; children scream in delight everywhere

What is it with me and the cutesy DS announcements? First kittens and now PONIES? I’m being typecast, goddammit. This is not the stuff a real game journo is made of. I’M A WOMAN AND I DEMAND REAL WORK!

*goes back to the kitchen*

Anyway, Eidos has announced Pony Friends for those of you who were never able to stop playing with My Little Pony (and may God strike you dead with lightning if you actually relate to that sentence). Basically it’s the same deal as Nintendogs, but pony style. This would be a great way for fathers to pull a fast one on spoiled, whining daughters. “Look what I got you, princess!” Ha. Ha. Ha.

Hit the jump for the press release. 

It’s long been every child’s dream to have their very own pony and soon these dreams can be realized in a beautiful and exciting virtual setting!

Pony Friends is a fun, virtual pet game for the Nintendo DS where players get to emulate every cool aspect of owning their own pet pony!  From grooming and accessorizing your pony with colorful custom gear to going on exciting trail rides where you encounter new wildlife friends, the world of Pony Friends offers a cool new interactive environment where kids learn how to care for their dream pony and have hours of fun!

Our brand new batch of screen shots demonstrates how kids get to choose and customize their own pony and carefully groom it so their pony stays happy and healthy. Players can choose from six different breeds or create their own customized pony with different colors, manes, designs, and much more!

Also check out our trail ride screen shots which features one of the many trail rides included in the game environment. With Pony Friends, you get to trot or even gallop through farms, fields, forests and more to unlock hidden gifts and un-lockable trails!

Pony Friends will be available in spring 2007 in the US. exclusively on the Nintendo DS.

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