eBay releases PS3, Wii pre-sale stats

This may be of interest to a few of you, so here it is. The powers that be at eBay just sent me some interesting facts about both the PlayStation 3 and Wii pre-sales. They also sent some info on the Xbox 360. Check them out:

PlayStation 3 numbers 

  • The average sales price of PS3 is an astounding $1,532.76.  This marks a 200% and 155% increase over the projected MSRP of $499, for 20GB hard drive, and $599, for 60GB hard drive, respectively.
  • 1,181 PS3 systems sold in pre-sale on eBay.
  • The average sales price has increased 43.6%, from $1,423.12 on October 26 to $2,043.18 on November 8.  Purchasing the PS3 sooner rather than later will help buyers save big bucks.

Wii numbers

  • 2,165 units have been sold since October 20th, the day after it became available for pre-sale.  Demand is also represented by the 750.5% increase in sales since October 20th of individual items, such as games.
  • The average selling price on eBay is $552.71, which is 121% more than the MSRP of $250.

eBay also had this to say about the Xbox 360:

Currently being pre-sold before its November 17 launch, the PS3 is this week’s hot item. But the hugely-anticipated device has not yet eclipsed the popularity of the Xbox 360, which is the second highest sought-after item on eBay.com, according to overall keyword searches.  TMX Elmo ranks first in search popularity with the PS3 ranked at number 19.

It’s kind of surprising to see Wii preorders reaching that $500 mark. I guess some people didn’t understand there was gonna be an avalanche of the system at launch.  

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