EA wants you to play Command & Conquer 4 online

Ever wonder how many people hop online to play a real-time strategy game like, I don’t know, Command & Conquer? Well, wonder no more! Talking to gamesindustry.biz, EALA studio head Sean Decker revealed that the number hovers around the 40% mark.

“The consoles have done a great job of online … Xbox LIVE, you can collect everything you’ve ever done, and it’s super-easy to connect,” he says. Decker believes PC games need that “level of accessibility” to entice players into trying online play.

“There are very competitive people, there are people who are co-operative and want to play with their friends, there are people who are collectors who want every achievement and award … and everybody has different things to motivate them to go online, and the question is, can you provide what that person wants?”

“So far we’ve provided some of those elements, but not all — and that’s what we’re going to try and do,” reassures Decker. And let’s not forget about those who don’t play RTS games online because they simply can’t compete. Yeah, I’m definitely not one of them. Not a chance.

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